Normalizing several files of music

Hi!, I am new on this forum

I use a Windows 7 Ultimate on a Toshiba laptop. Audacity last versión 2.1.1. (but the “problem” was the same on previous versions)

I found that when I am trying to normalize several files of music at the same audio level, and all at the same time (using: Import (selecting several files; 10, 20 or even more) + effect + Normalize + -0.8 + then export multiple) during the process of saving the already normalized files it changes the artist of all the files to the exactly the same. Is very disturbing to update again all the files to the proper artist. Am I doing something wrong on this process?

Thanks for any help on this


Audacity only handles one set of metadata for the “project”, not separate metadata per track.
You may want to request as a new feature that Audacity should hold metadata per track, but that is not a simple as it may at first seem. For example, if you have metadata per track, and you create a new track, and then copy parts of three other tracks into that new track - which metadata does the new track get?

Steve thanks for your reply. I originally thougt on that, however if that is the case the metadata shouldn’t be able to consider the proper name of each song regardless if they are 10, 20 or more. Even more data of each song (album, track, etc.) is correct. The only anomaly hapens wit the artist. That’s weird, isn’t?

If you add the Normalize effect and an export command to a Chain then apply that Chain to the files, each file’s metadata should be correct.

A limitation though is that you cannot export from a Chain to M4A or other formats requiring FFmpeg.


Thank you Gale. Obviously i need more practice using the chain option. I’ ll do that and will comeback to tell my experience.

Gale, just to tell you about my experience on these previous days using your suggestion. Unfortunately all the different intents I did creating chains has been negatives to get individual tags (data) for each song. Altough I am still confuse, I am learning a lot, and much more tools about Audacity
Perhaps the previous suggestion of Steve to create a fully new feature (a metadata for each track) should be considered.
I will explore that later.

By this moment, I am Sorry for the delay answering this, but you can´t imagine how many issues I have doing to upgrade into Windows 10 from my Win 7 machine.


In principle, it works. I just tried the “MP3 Conversion” Chain in Audacity 2.1.1 applied to two MP3 files containing tags. The tags in the files exported from the Chain were the same as the tags in the original files.

Note that tags other than the seven default tags which Audacity shows in Metadata Editor will be converted to TXXX (user-specified) ID3 tags. TXXX tags will not be visible if you are looking at the tags in an application that does not read TXXX tags.

If it doesn’t work for you, please be completely specific, providing example audio files to which you are applying the Chain, and the Chain text file you are using (it’s at Users<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\Audacity\Chains).

I have noted your vote for that, but it’s unlikely to happen soon unless a developer appears who is very interested in import and export features. This does seem to be a somewhat “unglamorous” area of interest for developers although I often remind the Team of the bugs and limitations we have with import and export.

If you have upgraded over your previous Win 7 installation there is a button “Go back to Windows 7" in Settings at Update & security > Recovery. This button is available for a month after the upgrade and makes it easy to roll back to Win 7.

If you want to upgrade to Windows 10 again later, the “free upgrade” offer will still be available until the end of July 2016.


Gale, thanks for your suggestions.

I delayed this answer because finally I found that I will never be able to load the Windows 10 since, a couple of years ago, when I sent my laptop for some technical adjustments (I had then with the hard disk), the technician responsible loaded a pirate version of Windows 7 Ultimate when rebooting my whole system. So, that’s the end for that issue.

Now, regarding my main question. (being specific) The text might be a little bit changed due to translation I am doing from Spanish.

Let´s do it with five files: >Import, >Audio, (Selecting five files from my library, type Audio MPEG Layer 3)

Then >File, >Apply Sequence of Commands, >Selecting Sequence, >Normalize Files, >Apply to current project, >

And my Chain text files is;
Normalize:ApplyGain=“1” Level=“-0.800000000000” RemoveDcOffset=“1” StereoIndependent=“1”

Am I missing something regarding the Tags on the chain command? I am seeing that when exporting multiple files, I could have the option to edit each tag, but that´s is not the purpose I am pursuing.
Regards… and thanks for your patience

It may be the end of getting a free upgrade to an officially licensed version of Windows 10.

Perhaps you could insist on compensation from the “technician” if he replaced a licensed copy of Windows with a pirated version.

Don’t use File > Import at all.

Create the Chain. File > Close to close and save any open projects.

Then File > Apply Chain… , select the Chain you created and choose Apply to Files…. This opens a file dialogue where you can select audio files in a single directory on which to run the Chain.


Regarding the Win 7, perhaps is my fault. This happened 2 years ago, i did not keep with me any receipt, or invoice of that process ( I dont even recall where I put those receipts). So hardly I can now demand a warranty. Of course I will try until my best.

I will rewrite the chain command following your suggestion, at my return. I am leaving the city for vacations ( a couple of weeks) so I will let you in peace for that time until my return to city (Mexico City) I am retired (65) after 34 years of working at Motorola company, nice job and very good times in my memory!!



Maybe not the end. I seem to vaguely remember MS having a recovery procedure for such a case, as long as you have your original certificate and serial for Win 7.

Here you are - you can download an ISO file for your original version of Windows 7 if you enter your original product key:


Well, I give up!. I tried all the possibilities with the Chain command and the result is still the same. It seems I will have to go editing one by one, after normalizing large collections.

Thanks anyway.

Best for all


To the best of my belief, the below procedure retains the seven standard tags that you see in the Audacity Metadata Editor:

If it doesn’t work for you, please upload an example file somewhere that demonstrates it does not work. If there is an unintended bug, we can try to fix it.