Normalizing 10 minute stereo track pair causes freeze

Every time I try to normalize a 10+ minute stereo track pair in a wav file Audacity ALWAYS freezes after the progress bars disappear!!! It DOESN’T do ANYTHING but FREEZE UP until I click somewhere on Audacity and it says “Audacity Is Not Responding.” with 'close the program ‘check for solution and close the program’ & ‘wait for program to respond’… choosing ‘wait’ doesn’t work because it NEVER starts responding again!!!

Are you using the latest Audacity version? Currently I think 2.0.2? Older versions of Audacity would do that.

When you have a simple, short track and try to do a complex effect or filter, the room Audacity takes inside the computer explodes into multiple times the size of the file. If your computer is running right on the edge of having enough room to work, this can cause an Audacity freeze. Try closing all the applications you have running and maybe restart the machine and only run Audacity to see if that helps.

You can also run into problems if your hard drive is filling up or other space issues.


the about says 2.0.2!!!

That’s a good start.
Which version of Windows?
How big is your hard drive and how much free space does it have?
What settings are you using in the Normalize effect?
Does the problem occur with one particular project or with any Audacity project?
Did you record the audio or import an audio file?

Close Audacity completely and then restart Audacity from the Start menu.
Tracks menu > Add New > Stereo Track
Generate a 10 minute tone (Generate menu).
Apply the Normalize effect.
Does Audacity freeze?

Windows 7
120 GB
32 GB
default normalizing setting
haven’t tried other projects, only 10 minute file I need to edit,
I imported the audio

Can you do what Steve asked anyway. File > Close all projects, then Generate > Tone, make the duration of the tone 10 minutes, and try Normalizing that. Does it freeze?

For the project where you have the problem, can you export WAV files for each track then import the WAV files into an empty project. Can you Normalise now? If so, save that as a new project with a new name.