normalizer question

when i record an lp with audicity i always finish the lp with the normalizer after im named the song always works ok…now i have this lp that as its bebing recorded into the wave editer the tops of the wave ALMOST hit the
bottom and tops of the wav editer…like i said this is the only time and lp where ive had this issue…and is i use the
normalizer the waves are right on the tops and bottoms even worse…im on windows 64 bit system…is there anything
i can do?


What do you mean “even worse”? Normalization is just an up or down volume adjustment.

Of course, some records are louder than others. (It’s one reason you might want to normalize). High volume is not a problem unless your analog levels are too high and you clip your analog-to-digital converter. Nothing bad happens when you get close to the maximum.

Normalization will set the peaks wherever you tell it. It won’t damage the sound quality but it won’t fix clipping either.

ok thanks…