Normalize weirdness?

Hello everyone,

I wanted to normalize a couple of low level tracks (-18) for further mixing. I set normalize for -12 but after normalization peaks are reaching -3. Why is that? Any ideas? Please help! Thank you!

There’s two Normalizes. The regular one works like what you probably want. But there’s also RMS Normalize. That one only affects loudness, not peaks. That one can give you wacky peaks like you have.

You might consider Effect > Amplify. That one has two settings, one for how much boost you want and another for where do you want the peaks to end up. Amplify and Normalize are close sisters with fancy names.

You an apply the tools wrong. Did you have anything selected when you applied Normalize? Normalize will only affect what you selected. If you want everything, select the whole track by clicking just right of the up arrow.