Normalize/volume consistency

hello everyone, I have been recording podcasts from a pretty good usb mixer, but I mix in other mp3 files and interviews I do with people via skype. I was wondering how I can take all of these different audio samples that make up the entire mp3 file that is released as a podcast and give them all the same volume within the final mixed down file? (I hope this makes sense)

I’ve used “Normalize” but that doesn’t seem to do the trick for making everything a consistent volume

I did check the FAQ section out.

While you have all of the files as separate tracks, use the Mixer Board (View menu) to adjust the levels of each track.
Tip: keep an eye on the playback meter to ensue that the mix does not hit the red (0 dB).

I’ve used “Normalize” but that doesn’t seem to do the trick for making everything a consistent volume

**Right!**Normaliation works by by checking/setting the peak levels. Peak levels don’t correlate very well with perceived loudness, and the loudest peak sets the volume for the whole file.

There are tools such as ReplayGain or (MP3Gain, etc.) that try to adjust the perceived loudness.

The above methods adjust the whole file by the same amount, which is what you usually want with music because you want to preserve the dynamic contrast (loud & quiet parts). However, with interviews you might need some dynamic compression or automatic volume control. There is a Compressor effect, and you’ll just have to experiment with the settings.

You also might want to try a FREE program called [u]The Levelator[/u]. I think it only works with WAV files, so you’ll need to use it before MP3 encoding (or decode your MP3s to WAV,and then convert them back).

I use Chris’s Compressor to do the same thing. It’s a look-ahead volume adjuster and works remarkably well in making a ratty podcast sound like the same show as a broadcast. I change the first number, compression from 0.5 to 0.77.