Normalize - vanish & more

  1. This has happened twice now (of three). Stereo recording. Normalize (stereo channels separately). Whole file disappears: whoosh! Undo doesn’t recover it. Any ideas?

  2. Sound activated recording (set at -24dB). First part of recording is a mess with unsteady (fast) tempo and apparently cross channel leakage. Settles down after half a minute or so. But not good. Thoughts?

Mac PowerPC G4 running OS 10.5.8.


How long are the shows?


Thanks. 2 minutes, 2m 20s. no more to date.

What is the recording? How are you recording it (which inputs on the MPB)? Which version of Audacity (the full, three-part number)?

In Audacity menu > Preferences > Directories is “Play and/or record using RAM” checked?

A sound activation level of -24dB is quite high - it could be quickly starting and stopping as the levels go up and down.

– Bill


Thanks. I’m recording piano using two AKG mics. (C1000S & C3000B) using an M-Audio Firewire Solo Multichannel interface. This inputs via firewire and system audio (Mac G4 OS 10.5.8). Output via system speakers, or via M-Audio to headphones. Audacity 2.0.0. ‘Using RAM’ is unchecked - should it be?. As for the -24dB this seems to be necessary to boost the recording by about a factor of 2. What is a more usual level? What’s MPB? and where are the inputs you mention?

MBP = MacBook Pro - sorry, I thought I read in your post that was what you were using.

Record using RAM should be off.

The Sound Activated Recording function should have no affect on the recorded levels - try turning it off. Or by “sound activation level” do you mean something else?

This is a mystery. Once the audio is recorded and plays back properly applying an effect should not make it disappear, and an effect should always be undoable.

Please try going through your sequence of operations again, and write it down step by step. E.g. 1) record via firewire interface (sound activated recording off) 2) select entire recorded track 3) apply Normalize … etc.

– Bill


Many thanks. Will do. Just one point. “Select entire recorded track” (or I assume “tracks”) - After recording is it necessary to Edit - Select All before applying effects? I don’t think I do that, I assume that Audacity knows that I mean the whole recording.

There is a preference in the Tracks section “Select all audio in project if none selected” - you probably have left it checked (it is the default).

– Bill

Assuming that the audio data exists.
If the project has been saved then the audio data should be in the project _data folder.
If the project has not been saved then the audio data should be in the Audacity temp folder.
The data must be in a location that is writeable and must not have been moved, renamed or deleted, otherwise any processing will return silence.