Normalize to linear amplitude

Request: Normalize that uses volume instead of dB.

Here you go.
This plug-in requires a recent version of Audacity and is designed for mono tracks only.
If this does what you want, it would be simple to modify it to also support stereo tracks.
normalize-linear.ny (359 Bytes)

Not only I had to log out to download this, but it gives me an Error when I try to enable it in 32-bit Audacity 2.2.2 for Microsoft Windows on Windows 10. Is that a 64-bit plugin?

What’s the error?

No. Nyquist plug-ins are written in 7-bit ASCII (plain text), and processing is done by the 32-bit Nyquist interpreter which is built into Audacity, so Nyquist plug-ins are platform independent.

Ill–formed Nyquist plug–in header

Fixed and re-uploaded.

Once again, I had to logout out to be “authorized” to download it. But thanks, now I have a perfectly working pair of Amplify and Normalize effects that don’t require input to be encrypted with the “dB” algorithm, and have unlimited number of decimal places.

I’ve adjusted that so that you can now download files while logged in.