"Normalize" to 0 by hot key.

Is there a key, that would perform the action effect “Normalize” to 0 (maximum)?

Not be default.

You can set-up a hotkey via Edit → Preferences → Keyboard but I think that will only open the effect.

You can probably do it with [u]Batch Processing[/u].

You could also write a script for [u]SoX[/u].

Yes you can do that, and as you say, it does just open the effect.
The effect will open with the settings that were last used, so if those settings are correct, pressing the Enter key will apply the effect.

It would be possible to create a Nyquist plug-in to normalize to 0 dB, and then create a shortcut to the Nyquist plug-in, but the two key press version above is a much simpler option.

Thank you! Like, I’ve understood. I installed the N key. However, now I can’t use it for its intended purpose, but it is not needed, only numbers need to be entered.

For the help about the Batch-chains thank you very much!