Normalize 'labels' individually

Is there a way to perform actions on labeled sections individually?

I am converting some old tapes to mp3. I record it in to audacity, remove noise, normalize, and set labels at the start of each track.

However, on some tapes different ‘tracks’ have very different volume levels, and I would like to set them all constant. The brute force way is to select each individual section and normalize. However, it seems that there would be a way to perform some action on each track individual before it is saved as an mp3. (Or is this just a feature request?)

AFAIK your “brute force” approach is what is needed currently.

And yes this does sound like a Feature Request - do you want me to move it to the FR section for you, where we can see if it attracts any further votes of support?


If you have labels that mark regions (rather than single point labels) then you can select the region quickly by clicking on the label name. This makes the “brute force” method a lot quicker and easier.

Sounds like moving it to the feature request forum may be the best thing to do.
To me, the logical option would be to modify ‘chains’ so that they can be used as part of the ‘export multiple’ process. Then, export could be one of any arbitrary actions that could take place on each individual unit.


Also known as “Edit Markers” rather than “Labels.” Like the markers the video people use.


This topic was moved from the 1.3 MAC section to the Feature Request section at the request of the original poster.


Normalizing songs to the same value will not necessarily make them sound the same loudness. For example, if one song has one very high peak, then normalizing that song to 0dB will bring that peak up to 0dB. If another song is more uniform (no exceptional high peaks), then the average level will be noticeably higher and it will sound louder.

You can “Export Multiple”, then use “Chains” to process each of the Exported files.