Normalize is not working

Hi all.
I use Audacity for Podcast editing. I need that low whispers volumes are boosted and loud screams are made lower. Basically i need a more “uniform” volume. SOme tutorials told me to use Normalize, but it just change the whole volume to the set. For Now i use and external software called The levelator. There is way to do it using Audition?
thanks all !! :smiley: :smiley:

Neither Amplify nor Normalize do what most people want. They’re simple, brain-dead tools.

You might like Chris’s Compressor. Chris wrote it so he could listen to opera in the car.

I use it to tame somebody else’s podcast. I change the first value, Compress ratio, from the default 0.5 to 0.77. When I do that, the show sounds like the local radio station.


Perfect !! This is exactly what i need thanks bro !!

They were wrong.
For information about Normalize (and Amplify), see: Amplify and Normalize - Audacity Manual

That is called “dynamic range compression” (often just called “compression”, though not to be confused with “data compression” which is used to make files smaller).

Levelling out a range of “whispers” and “screams” requires extreme compression, which will inevitably be fairly low sound quality and there will be a substantial increase in noise when the volume of the whisper is brought up. If you need a “stronger” effect than Chris’s Compressor, you could try this plug-in: AGC - Automatic Gain Control (note that if your tracks are very long, this plug-in will need to be applied to sections of no more than about an hour).