Normalize doesn't work all the time

Hi Guys. I’ve been digitizing my LP’s and have noticed that once in a while, Normalize doesn’t seem to have an effect. In fact, sometimes it LOWERS the amplitude a little. I’ve noticed a that few seconds of song will always normalize OK, but applied to the entirety of the same song it might shrink a little. I’m doing my Biograph LP now and can’t get the whole album up up to snuff. I know it’s a large amount (53 songs), but I’ve noticed it on shorter EP’s, too. If I do each song individually, all normalize OK except “Quinn, the Eskimo” and “The Times They are a Changin’” (nothing out of ordinary in the waveform that I can see) and I CANNOT get those to go up. Any ideas? Thanks!

You need to do Pop Removal and other noise processing before you Normalize. Normalize and its cousin Amplify work on the single highest blue wave. If that happens to be an explosive cat hair pop on the record, that’s the end of the tool working right.

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