Normalise has no effect at all on some tracks

Much like this thread Loudeness normalization not applyng - #3 by Mrgio

  1. I have a stereo track captured on a Zoom H4 and I have trimmed it and silenced sections and run compressor effect on it so I can import it into my video. It is still a bit quiet though.
  2. When I use normalize, normalise does nothing, but the preview works and boosts it while in preview mode.
  3. I figured some of my edits were to blame so I imported the track again, and now normalize works on that track, but completely ignores my edited track.

Just sharing this in case the OP on that thread returns or anyone else notices this glitch while i find the workaround or what I did wrong, because usually it is the latter.
Version 3.5.1 Windows 10

How about Amplify? Amplify does the same thing if you are doing regular (peak) normalization (not Loudness Normalization). But it doesn’t have the options of normalizing left & right independently or removing offset.

Kinda as I thought, after a good break come back and normalise was normalising to -3db like it should. PEBKAC.

I’m used to maxing the Normalise at -1db , which I recently learned was quite an evil thing to do and merely making things loud enough to play in a noisy old car. But is very harsh now that I’m trying to do a better job of it all. I did try Loudness normalizing and that was working fine, which was what got me so frustrated I had to see if I was right, and turns out I was not, Audacity as usual was right.