Normalise 5.1 audio

2.0.3 .exe
Can’t search if it has been asked, the 5.1 gets ignored. :slight_smile:
Trying to normalize 5.1 channel AC3 and DTS files. When I imported an AC3 file it seemed to normalise the tracks as a group, but with DTS it is normalising each track individually.
Also, with DTS, the progress bar reaches 100% by the time it has finished processing track 0, and sits there (with Remaining Time at 0:0"0) while tracks 1 to 5 are processed.
If I Export it as AC3, then import the ac3 version, it works correctly, but this is incredibly time-consuming with 90 minute files.

Just re-checked: It does the same with ac3 files.

I see that Amplify will do it correctly.

Have a look at Normalize removes differences between the peak volume of multiple tracks.