noob trying to record basic audio [SOLVED]

Hi all,
I’m new to audacity. I’m using a microphoone and headset to record just some audio for my audio diary.My headset is a cheap logitech I got from target for $20, but it does work (I tested it with skype)

I’m on XP and version 2.0.6


Is there a question in there?


sorry kozikowski.

I can’t seem to get any audio to record. I think it’s because of the cheap headset I have, but not entirely sure. I’ve used the headset for skype and google voice before so I tend to think the mic is working.

any thoughts? maybe a separate microphone?

  1. Ensure that Skype is turned off and shut down completely (NOT running in the background)
  2. Ensure that your microphoone is connected to the computer
  3. (must be after 1 and 2), Launch Audacity.
  4. Set the recording input in Audacity to your microphone (see: device toolbar)
  5. Make a test recording.

What happens?

Hi all,
Yeah operator error. I didn’t use the “internal mic” dropdown list.

Many thanks for the help