Noob Question

Hey everyone - relatively new to Audacity, so please forgive me if this is an incredibly easy question. I am trying to edit a file that is approx. 32 mins, yet every time I import it into Audacity, it only imports up to the 7:32 mark. Is there some setting that limits the length of imports? Again, sorry for the noob question.

What happens at 7:32? It just stops? Error Messages? Audacity Crashes? It cuts off the end of the show?

It just hasn’t loaded the rest of the file. File completely stops.

Can you play the part that did make it? Koz

No, it’s just simply not importing, even though the raw data file recognizes that there’s 32 mins of recorded audio.

You will need to be a lot more descriptive.
Start with which version of Audacity and what operating system, then go on to describe exactly what you are doing and what is happening. Remember that we can’t see your computer.