Noob Question for web audio...

Hi friends,

I’m a freelance web developer with very little knowledge in audio processing. However, I just awarded in a project that require process background sound effect on certain action on their website.

The project maintainer send me an example website that has similar audio effect that only played automatically when the main navigation bar hovered. The example website is: [Advert removed]. And the interesting fact is, The audio played on the background without any controller in mobile device’s only.

Now my question to this community is, Is it possible to process some audio using audacity that can be played on every browser including Desktop and Mobile device and friendly for web use?

Thanks in advance…

This is not a question about audio processing. It’s a question about HTML, CSS, possibly JavaScript, and browser support for various formats.
MP3 format is supported by most major web browsers. See here for more information:

Audacity can export in MP3 format if you install the optional “LAME” encoder. See:

You tell us which sound format you want and we’ll tell you the method or whether we can do it at all.

You make it sound like the Browser and Format wars got solved. Did it? Do you still have to produce content for Internet Explorer 3?