Noob help with using the Phaser effect


I’d really like to figure out how to use the phaser effect to create a “climax”, where the sweep of the effect has a generally smooth increase in frequency. Something which starts with a slow, smooth phase and increases until it’s really crazy fast.

I’ve had a little poke around and I feel like this is something that should be probably quite easy to figure out but I’ve not had any luck so far. Is this something that audacity is capable of doing?

Thanks in advance for any help anybody is able to provide!

Unlike other DAWS, Audacity does not allow automation of effects. :frowning:

Vibrato frequency can be ramped up …
ramped up vibrato frequency.png
when combined with the original that increases the flange rate …

Hey, thanks for the speedy response. It’s a shame to hear that it can’t be automated as you say, but I will give the vibrato a go and see if I can get something roughly close to what I’m after!


If you duplicate a track and apply a slight vibrato to one track and not the other, it will create a “phasing” type effect.