Noob help! Using back track and recording.


Firstly let me say i have read every thread i could find, tried all the options and nothing has worked so far :frowning:

I am using Audacity 2.0.3, Windows 7 64 bit, used the .exe file,using Behringer Q802 USB mixer, and a C-1 condenser mic.

All i want to do is play a backing track from whatever source, either through audacity or not, and hear both the track and vocals, but just record the vocals. I sing for a profession but i just want to record for my own amusement so the quality doesnt have to be studio rate.

I have tried everything people have said, Phones Button down, Main Mix up, listen through 2-track out, listen through 2-track in, use software playthrough (terrible feedback)

All i can think of is i need an audio interface, and then i can play the track to the the interface, put the vocals through the interface and to the PC and just listen to the interface with headphones. Maybe that will work? I dont no anything about sound equipment unfortunately, its handled by technicians where i work!

Any help will be appreciated!!! Fanx.

I have got the software playthrough working but its latency issue renders is useless, i have tried to chance all the latency values, and no matter what i put its almost exactly delayed by one second.

I think that the problem is more about using the mixer than using Audacity so I’m not sure how much we will be able to help you, but it sounds like you are very close to making it work.

The basic method to use is to first import your backing track into Audacity (File menu > Import > Audio) and then to start recording. The backing track will play through the “output device” and Audacity will record onto a new track from the “input device”. Depending on the equipment it may or may not be possible to hear your own voice through the headphones, but it’s not much of a problem if you can’t because you will be able to hear yourself acoustically.

To record from the Behringer Q802 USB mixer:
Connect the mixer to the computer via USB before you open Audacity.
Open Audacity and set the Recording Input to the USB option in the device toolbar.

Check in the “Transport” menu that “Overdub” is selected (enabled) and “Software Playthrough” is not selected (disabled).

To check that recording is working, connect your microphone to the mixer, set the levels on the mixer so that the meters on the mixer show close to (but not over) 0 dB when you sing into the mic. Press the record button on Audacity and you will hopefully see a blue wiggly waveform appear in a new Audacity track.

Does that part work?

To playback the recording through the Behringer Q802 USB mixer:
Plug your headphones into the mixer.
Set the playback output to the USB option in the device toolbar.
Press the Audacity Play button.

You may need to fiddle with settings on the mixer in order to hear the recording.
Can you get that part working?
What did you need to do on the mixer to make that work?

Let us know how you get on and we’ll take it from there.

Hi Steve, thanks for the info.

Yes all the things you listed are working. I can record fine, i can hear my self and the track in the headphones, the db is on the limit and not over. The overdub is ticked and the software playthough is off.

But as i stated, it records whatever is fed into the mixer, which is fine if dont feed the track in, but then i cant hear the track :confused:

I can play back through the mixer fine. I just switch the playback to USB and it works fine. But again thats doesnt help the recording side.

As you mentioned, i may need a deck with an option to feed a track in,but not into the main mix. I have looked everywhere for this and as far i can tell, there isnt one!

I just wish there is something i can do!

Page 8 of the mixer manual. “2.3.4 signal assignment”.
Set the USB to go to the control room mix (headphones) and NOT to the main mix.

i too have the exact same problem :imp: did u ever fix it?