Noob Help-Recording Guitar

Hello, I have downloaded audacity and am just trying to record the guitar. windows WASAP is the only setting that will not give me an error, I cannot turn down the playback volume, and when I record I either get a flat line OR the whole spectrum is filled. I am using a vox amplug going straight into the line in on the back of my computer using the headphone jack from the amplug as a line out. When I go into my sound settings and enable the ‘listen’ to the line in I get a very faint guitar sound coming through the speakers with a LOT of latency. Thanks so much for your help!

Which Windows and Which Audacity?

Does your soundcard have all three connections?

Some of your symptoms are from someone plugging into the pink Mic-In rather that the blue Stereo Line-In.

Plug your headphones into the amp and set it for quieter than normal listening volume. You can hear it clearly, but it’s too quiet to enjoy the music. That should be workable volume for the Line-In of your soundcard when you plug the cable in instead.

I have one computer with a surround sound card and that one has about a hundred different connectors back there and requires special software and drivers to work.

Given a normal soundcard, I would expect that to work, but I’m not a Windows elf.