noob, audio recording, need to severely amplify portions

Audacity 2.0.0 on Windows 7. Audio recording via cell. Had to convert from AMR. Do not know how to amplify and clarify secondary voice. Extremely important, yet I am complete novice at all things Audacity and this field. I (tried) to include a small sample for you. Please note I consulted user guide but this program is quite detailed. Your help is GREATLY appreciated. Thx

The phone does not have telephone recording software. You used the Personal Recording software which only records your voice. There is a tiny bit of received voice in the recording from accidental leakage, but it’s non-recoverable.

Two clips: One with just amplification and one with amplification and noise reduction.


On the first step, I drag-selected the quiet parts of the performance and Effect > Amplify > OK. The default values will boost as much as they can without causing overload damage.

The second clip I used Amplification plus Noise Removal. I drag-selected a portion of noise only and made that my Noise Removal Profile. Then I applied Noise Removal with these values:

Reduction: 24
Sens 0.0
Freq 150
Attack 0.15

Good luck.

Hyperexpand is a quick and dirty way of making everything the same volume …

It may be my imagination but 10-12.5 seconds sounds like a man saying “never see her again … for today”.

And that’s the problem with forensic audio. I didn’t hear anything remotely intelligible. If this work is just for you, then we’re here for you as far as we can go, but if multiple people have to hear the same thing, say a jury or the police, then we can’t help you. The filters and tools all change the audio in sometimes unpredictable ways and different people hear different words.

See: Trevon Martin emergency fight phone call.


On second hearing 8.5-10.5 sec … “have someone at special cases give her a paper again for today” …

Next time you try that, restrict the filters and processing to the two problem areas so the main voice doesn’t start going under. Koz
There’s a $10usd scientific word that means “your head is making up non-existent order in the face of audio or video chaos.”

Dare we ask why you want to retrieve that voice?