None of my recordings will load

last night I used Audacity to record a load of stuff via the input on the side of my laptop.
It was working fine when recording and playing back.
I saved the work (6 lots in total)

But now I cant get any of them to open

Ive got folders in My Documents called

within them ive got folders called
then within that folder another folder called


Ive got tonnes of .au files and an .aup file for each track sitting in

But when I try to open any .aup file from last night it keeps prompting me

Error opening project
Couldnt find the project data folder “name-of-song_data”

Could not load file xxx.aup

Can anyone help at all?
i dont know if my files have somehow not managed to save themselves in the right places


See this page from the manual - basically you need to open the .aup file for the project:


Hi there
I have read all through that but I’m still really struggling here.

I read that the structure of the parts should be as follows

A folder called

within that folder there should be the .aup file called

still within that folder there should be a number of .au files called something like

So what I have done is copy ALL of the files to a completely new folder on my desktop and put the aup files into the correct corresponding data folder.
Then I have moved ALL of the au files to the first song folder I am trying to restore. (as I obviously do not know what .au files are for which song)

But I am still getting the following errors when I try to open a a project

Error opening project: Couldn’t find the project data folder : “my_song_data”
(I dont know why it cant find it, the .aup file is sitting in it)

Error opening project: Could not load file:“C:UsersDesktopfolder-namemy_song_datamy_song.aup”

Can anyone help further please?

No, you read wrong - the “my_song.aup” file (which is effectively the project manager file for the project) should sit at the same level in your file/folder structure as the “my_song_data” folder (which contains the .au audio files of the project.

You should never attempt to move or rename projects or files within projects unless you really know what you are doing.

You need to get the .aup file and it’s folder back on the dame level and back in the place where they were first created and with the same names.


So, I had thought a moment ago after looking on another post of a forum.
Lets say I cant get it all back together again, there seems to be another option, but its a bloody long winded one.

If I open a new Audacity file and drag in all of the .au files for one song (arranged by time they were created) I can put the track back together. But heres the problem. Each .au files is approx 6 seconds long and has a left and a right channel for each, so its going to take a LOT of arranging left and right to put this (and all the other songs) back together in order. (they are all sitting on top of each other at the moment)
Any further suggestions on this method perhaps?

Hi there
I have tried the above and I am getting SOMEWHERE further it would seem, but I’m still not there yet.

now when I try to open the .aup file it states

Missing Audio Data Blackfile(s)

So thats 86 .au files missing

But I DO have these files (About 700 of them in total over all the songs)
So how do I tell it which .au files to look at and where do I place them?

Dont worry about me copying/pasting/moving files for now please as these are only copies that I am playing with.


I have now sorted this. Here is the solution.

Once you have got as far as being able to open the error log, if you open it, it will tell you the file structure of where it is trying to find the files.

The first song I had recorded should have had a folder in the main _data folder called

e00 followed by another folder within that called d00

So all I did was then was work out which song it was from from one .au file (in date/time order) copy all of the .au files in that date/time range and put them into the correct
e00/d00 folder structure.

Sometimes the above e and d folders didnt exists in the _data folder so I had to create them myself.

And to note, the d folder goes d00, d01, d02, d03 etc for each next song youve recorded in order.

So now I’m sorted. If anyone else has this problem and wants this explaining a bit better I will try at some point, so message on here if so.

Thanks for everyeones help.

Phew - glad you got it sorted :slight_smile: