non Win10 audio driver not an issue here

I have a computer that I use for music production (finding the time is an issue, but I digress). I prefer Audacity over Adobe: 1. Price; 2. Adobe is way too over ticked.

I did an upgrade from Win7 to Win10. NOTE A clean install of Win10 works the best. I initially had issues with my audio card drivers not being Win10 compatible (M-Audio Delta AP192). After much Compatibility Testing I got those to work, but the audio card did not like Audacity ver 2.1.2. After much time away from this computer and working with other Win10 compatibility problems I have found that using the Troubleshoot Compatibility Tool every time any thing is installed is the best move.

To the short version, a reinstall of Audacity 2.1.2 works (at least for me) with a non-compat Win10 audio card if both the audio card AND Audacity are installed using the Troubleshoot Compatibility tool before installing. Your mileage may vary.

This is probably better moved to the Windows board.

Few people with Windows 10-incompatible audio drivers find that compatibility mode helps with Audacity, but I think most don’t use the full compatibility troubleshooter, just using the Compatibility tab of the audacity.exe properties.

Thanks for the feedback.