Non-Profit Development Help Needed


I am the head of a tech committee of a non-profit which records audio books for the vision impaired and children with learning disabilities. We currently use a proprietary, in-house produced application that is tied to a database which keeps track of the books or projects being recorded. The current application utilizes NCT Audio Studio dlls. The product is very “buggy” and limited its features. I am hoping to find someone with previous experience in wrapping features around Audacity. If anyone has the experience and time to help out, please let me know and I can expand on the details.


Audacity doesn’t support ActiveX, so as shipped it can do nothing with NCT dll’s.

There is plenty of freeware you can use for recording audio books - you could even use Audacity and find some other solution for a database.

No developer is going to develop applications for you for no money and nothing else on the table. Audacity developers are unlikely to undertake even paid work for proprietary applications.

For example if you had an open source app, and gave new dictation features to Audacity in exchange for using its audio engine, then that is a situation where perhaps something could be done for you for no cost.


I completely understand the lack of integration with NCT Audio and was wanting to move away from that foundation. Thank you for your input.