Non-destructively Create Silent Space in Mid-track.

I am creating a stereo spoken word track and have a short stereo music track I want to fade in and out in the middle of the spoken word track. So I have to create the silent space within the spoken audio track --thereby pushing the spoken audio ahead in its track–so that the music will be heard. I can’t use the ‘generate silence’ feature as far as I know since that will destructively delete part of the spoken track. How can I do this?
See attached jpeg.
Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 12.28.25 PM.png

Not in Audcaity on Windows it doesn’t …

insert silence.gif

@Trebor, thanks. So I guess I’ll try it and see if it works on a Mac.

It will only overwrite (destroy) the audio if you make a selection prior to using the Silence generator - that is how it was designed to work - and yes it works that way on a Mac too.

See this page in the Audacity Manual: Silence - Audacity Manual