Non-Audio Issue with Win 10

I recently purchased a new PC with Win 10 pre-installed. After loading the latest version of Audacity, I have no audio issues, but getting tracks to start normally has been a problem. On Win 7, I simply held down the shift button, clicked the record button and a new track would immediately begin to record. Now when I do that, a useless phantom track pops up and getting a new track to start recording requires me to keep pushing buttons of all sorts before the track suddenly will start. It is driving me nuts…what worked so simply on Win 7 has made using the program a real PIA on Win 10. Is there a patch or something I can download to alleviate this problem…??

Shift-R and R are reversed in Audacity 2.2.1. Everybody complained that R would not append a recording to the end of an existing track. Now it does.

There may be a preference for this.



Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Recording.


Thanks Koz…I will look for that…!!