Non-Audacity Questions

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perhaps we should have a reference page for NONaudacity help
yada yada

just post a pointer to it with an appropriate message
that this is not audacity issue so look elsewhere

I think that’s a good suggestion whomper.

We do have some boards in the “All things Audio” section
Posts in these sections may not be directly related to Audacity, so one of those boards would be an appropriate forum place for such a page (there are already some pages on the wiki that suggest other places to find help, other software, and so on).

To make the page more visible it could be made “sticky” (stay at the top of the list of topics).
We would need to take care that it did not just become an advertising board for people to put links to forums/blogs of dubious quality as that would render such a topic useless.

BTW, my comment on the original post; “Does this have anything to do with Audacity?” was just a question, not a criticism. Users do not always give a full picture of what their problem/issue is, and given that this was the users first post to the forum, seemingly unrelated to Audacity, I wondered if there was something more to the question that had not been written.

thanks for clarifying that

there are so many of those non audacity general audio or even TV
related questions that i thought maybe you had finally drawn the proverbial line in the sand cause you had had enough of people looking for free help on other topics.

on a related note
i do see some audacity subforums on other boards with people struggling to solve the same problems with audacity that get asked here a lot and you all fix easily

If you are signed up to said forums, the best thing to do in such cases is to direct them to the appropriate part of the documentation. Well over 90% of the problems we see here are covered in either the wiki or the manual, but Audacity is a complex program and finding the appropriate part of the documentation can be difficult for new users. (this is why we keep trying to encourage you to post links to the documentation in your replies - a person with your post count should be able to find the appropriate part of the documentation in seconds. :wink:)

if i ever signed up there
instead of lurking and reading
i would probably direct them here :slight_smile:
unless you would rather not have more people asking here :frowning:
so i could direct them to the docs and they could figure it out
or else figure out to ask here on there own :nerd: