Noisy recording

I’m doing some recording using Audacity which collects the talker speech via a microphone connected to an audio interface.

While doing the recording, I did listen to the talker speech via a headphone connected to the same audio interface, and the talker speech was crystal clear .

However, when I listened to the recording afterwords in audacity, part of the recording was noisy. I enclosed a sample.

This may suggest that the noise is digital and the it could be sourced from the computer itself.

How to control this noise?

It will be probably be due to Mac power saving, Audacity buffer settings, or mismatched sample rates between the Audacity project rate and the interface’s settings in Apple Audio MIDI Setup. Or it could be a combination of all three problems.

See Don’t look elsewhere in that Manual because it is our development manual. After Audacity 2.1.3 is released the link will be

If you still have the problem after following all the steps in the FAQ, please provide the make and model number of the microphone and make and model number of the interface and say how the interface connects to the computer.