Noisereduction twice chains

I’m using windows 7 and Audacity 2.0.5
I have discovered that running noise reduction twice helps out a bit. It works well when doing it on one file only. How should it be done with chains. It seems not to work when adding that second noise reduction.

John H

There is the idea floating around out there that you can get better results with two passes of noise reduction instead of one. That’s not unheard of. However, you are required to get a second profile if you do that and Chains don’t lend themselves to multiple profiles. My guess is the second pass is a “cripple” version of Noise Reduction.

Noise Reduction without question works best when its married to the show – each show produces a custom profile and reduction settings. How are you doing this with multiple shows? I’m pretty sure Chains will not allow you to use different settings.