noise which i can't remove or reduce it.


I made Simple isolated box to reduce noise as I can, but there is a noise which like the noise of my Laptop Fan, I try to keep the box and my microphone (Dynamic Samson Q2U) away and another direction but invain, What can I do to reduce this noise? ( Listen to attachment)

Your microphone is pointed at you. The sensitive part of the microphone is also pointed at the wall behind you. If that’s a bare wall, it could be reflecting the fan noises into the performance. Good quiet rooms are very difficult to make. Even harder when your computer is fighting you.

I got a reasonable noise reduction (attached).

Please record another test without changing anything, but using this formula. You can make the quiet segment longer than two seconds, but don’t go over 10 seconds total.

We’re not crazy about MP3 because MP3 adds its own distortion to the test. We’re also not crazy about noise tests without voice. Performances are balancing acts between Volume, Peaks and Noise.

It’s also good to know the goal. Are you reading for ACX AudioBook?
Also fill in the questions from the pink band at the top of this panel. Audio Processing has improved greatly over the earlier Audacity versions.


Hello, Thank you for your Replay.

My Audacity Version is Audacity 2.0.6 .

I made the new Test in wav and with my sound.

My goal is making Voice Over Jobs.


where are you Koz?

If you look at the frequency-analysis of the part of “What is this2.wav” before you speak , there are two big peaks which are faint unwanted constant whine noise …
frequency-analysis of ''silence'' on ''lWhat is this2''.png
I think these are electronic-artefacts , rather than sound of an electric motor in the room.
The peaks can be removed using notch-filters in a thing called “Nyquist Prompt” in Audacity’s effect list.
Paste the code below into “Nyquist Prompt”, then apply “Nyquist Prompt” as if it were an effect, to remove the whine noise.

(setf s (notch2 s 1239 50))
(setf s (notch2 s 2481 50))

Nyquist Prompt in Audacity 2-1-1 , ( in 2-0-6 it looks different ).png

I got the clip to pass ACX without notch filters (attached). The two tones are pretty quiet to start out and slightly stiff noise reduction pushed them beyond audibility given the voice is normal volume. They’re both still there if you crank the volume up.

These corrections only work in Audacity 2.1.0 or 2.1.1.

I applied LF-Rolloff to get rid of any low-pitched tones, Noise Reduction for the hiss and whine and then Normalize to set the sound levels for ACX. LF-Rolloff is a custom Equalizer filter and has to be installed. Let us know.

LF Rolloff (rumble filter)
– Select the whole clip or show by clicking just above MUTE.
– Effect > Equalization: LF Rolloff for speech, 8191 Length > OK

Noise Reduction
– Drag-select Room Tone, silence or the flat area between spoken phrases.
– Effect > Noise Reduction: Profile
– Select the whole clip or show by clicking just above MUTE.
– Effect > Noise Reduction: Settings 12, 6, 6 > OK

– Effect > Normalize: [X]Remove DC, [X]Normalize to -3.2 > OK

Yes, it would be good for you to find out where those whiny tones are coming from. Without those, you may not need the noise reduction at all, or a more gentle one.

You can add the notch filters to the above recipe to make the performance even quieter.

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Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 22.14.42.png

I left out the patched clip.