Noise when there is no waveform

i have this .wav file that i play and even during the silences there is “noise” even though i dont see it.
i tried doing noise removal but the flat waveform doesn’t give it anything of a noise profile to cancel out

if i generate silence the noise is not there but i can’t seem to cancel it out

if anybody can help me cancel out the noise that would be great

This is the .wav file i am working with:

when you open it up with audacity, the ends of the notes have a flat waveform but there is still noise

i tried doing noise removal but it is still there
any ideas?

I sometimes use the following code to even out the Dynamics in order to make low Level noise more audible.
Try it on a copy of your track (Effects > Nyquist Prompt, paste and ok).

(defun even-out (sig)
   (mult sig  
         (s-max 0 (mult 1(recip (snd-avg  sig 2205 10 op-peak))))))
(multichan-expand 'even-out s)

The noise (White noise) is the most present in the beginning of the Piece - and the last note, which is horrible.
I assume that you’ve already used the Noise removal for this Version?
The Settings were somewhat to aggressive. A Little noise between the notes wouldn’t be harmful, the decay is to abrupt for my taste.
Of courrse, I do not know what the original Piece is like.
I was able to remove some further noise by simply fetching the noise Profile of generated White noise.
But that’s a very crude method.
Applying the Noise Removal twice is a very bad idea (because the artefacts increase exponentially).

If the silence is only in the silent parts, use a noise gate. It is much less destructive than the Noise Removal.
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