noise spikes or clicks

Dear Sirs:
I have been using the program for several years. today i have windows 7.0, and a HT Omega Stricker 7 sound card.
I am recording music from the internet. However i am getting spikes or clicks some times on the wave form. These Spikes make clicks when played back. The spikes some time are on both channels or just one when recording in stero. i would like to include a picture of these spikes but dont know how. They don’t occur all the time it seems random. I have checked on the computer sounds, and other possible noise such as a mike or connections, nothing seems to help. i have also called the sound card manufacture tech support and they don’t seem to be able to make the same. I seems to me to emulate a capacitor drop out in the output section. I even recorded some test tones of 400 Hz up to 1kHz and above to 10Hhz and this is fine not clicks or spikes. I don’t seem to have had this trouble until i did a update from a lower Revision. (1.3 or so) At first i thought it was an on board sound card so that is why i got the striker 7 by omega. I don’t remember how in installed the latest Audacity but i think i did it from this web site, however that is done. Sorry. Other wise the program is solid and works well, with this this being the only problem. My e-mail is listed the reregistration. under Cloyd1241@XXXXX.XX i did not want to post here.

Sorry but there is no support by e-mails or private messages. If you require help this topic is the place for it.

I suggest you try the tips here, unless you have tried all those already: .


I too suffer from these spikes/clicks and I get them when recording live via the internet and it has been happening for about a year.

I’ve named them “Digital Interference Packets” and I’ve become paranoid that they’re some kind of deliberate interference or possibly some kind of monitoring.

I’ve got recent recordings that I’ve stored, awaiting further processing and I’m certain that I’ll find a few in these recordings. Once I come across one, I’ll take a screen shot and upload a picture of them on here.

By the way…they drive me nuts!

How can i send *.png, *.jpg of a screen shot of the noise or clicks? I dont kow how in this forum?

See here but since you sent images to feedback@ I will attach the relevant one for you here.

This is the image that shows the close up of the spike:
It looks to me like it has overshot so badly that the peak is inverted? So bad hardware?

Exactly how are you recording from the internet? Does Omega Stricker 7 have a stereo mix input to do that? If you are using stereo mix from the built in sound device as the input in Audacity’s Device Toolbar then that is the device that has (or is acquiring) the problem.


I don’t seem to understand. It seems if a Hardware error then why is it Random? As i said it some time happens on both channels, or not only one channel. Yes i have a stereo mix setting on the sound card. The music the music that i am recording is through a payed for subscription service over the internet. I have (ATT) DSL fairly fast 3-6MB speed or so.

Having worked in electronics for many years, usually when hardware fails its usually hard failure. Also when its hardware over time has a problem and if its a component going bad and causing the error on the audio card it will eventfully over time fail altogether.At this time It does not seem to be getting worst.

Also i was getting this same error from the on broad audio device, (mother broad audio circuitry) this is why i bought a better audio card and turn off the on board audio device. It also does not matter what level i record at it can still happen. I have tried to lower the recording level and it still happens. I got in touch with the manufacture HT Omega and we tried to find out if the Driver for the Strike 7 was the trouble. We did tried going back to a lower revision of the audio card driver a it did not seem to help. I think whats really funny if recording a old Rock Roll (50’s & 60’s) song you don’t hear the clicks, only when you stop the recording the clicks will be heard or shown when using the magnifier. its really easy to spot, Say a song is 2:30 minutes long you will see the spicks every so many seconds(10-30sec) so a song may have 15 t0 o 20 clicks events. As I said i can record a constant Tone (400Hz-1Khz, 10KHZ) and don’t see the error, using the same recording sound settings and card. To answer my own question? The tones are download and then played not done live. So i might the internet connection ???

I have noticed some times when a singer repeats the same words during a song or the music repeats the same melody it in the same place on the recording at the same level the event occurs.
Do you think i need to try a lower revision of Audacity and see if still the same. I was using the what i believe is the lower reversion before the upgread and i don’t remember having this trouble. the version that seem to work was 1.3xx or something like this. I have USB Preamp coming for my Turntable to record some actual record (Vinyl). Guess i will see if its the internet connection or not. Sorry about being wordier here but some one out there might have the same trouble so i want to try to explain better the problem in more detail.

So does the Omega have stereo mix input ? Or are you running a cable from audio-out to line-in on the Omega to record from the internet?

You may indeed have too high DPC latency to record a live stream. That’s why I suggested you go through the tips here: The entry about DPC latency is at the bottom .

A very few people find that 1.2 (not usually 1.3.x unless a very early version) can record without clicks but 2.0.x not.

It would not be a good idea to use 1.2 or 1.3.x because they have other bugs (1.2 may crash on Windows 7 every time you press Stop after recording).

I would try recording with other audio software before you blame Audacity or try an earlier version. Have you recorded an internet stream with Windows Sound Recorder? Click the Windows globe, then type “sound recorder” (without quotes) in the search box. Double-click on Sound Recorder when it appears in the search results.