Noise signal from the past

Audacity 2.0.5 under Windows XP Home

I have a recording with the filename ‘Audacity triangular white’ made in 1997. It is different from the white noise generated by 2.0.5 in that it has a triangular amplitude-probability distribution (APD) whereas 2.0.5 produces white noise with a uniform (rectangular) APD. Can anyone remember this ‘triangular’ noise and whether it was intended as a dither noise?

I think there should be a mention that the APD of the 2.0.5 white noise is uniform and not Gaussian. The pink noise IS Gaussian.

There must be some mistake. The first release of Audacity was in 2000.

Out of curiosity, how did you see that the current white noise has a uniform distribution?
However, it is true and there should be actually a preset for Gaussian noise too.