noise remove problem.

Hi, im new here and im from portugal.

me and my friend made a video for school where i talk about a writer, but i recorded with lots of noise.

If i use adacity to remove the noise, my friends voice gets a metallic effect.

Is possible to remove the noise without damage the voice?

Thank you

ps: i cant attach project sound( when i try to attach nothing happens?), but i still need to remove the begin and the end.

Thank you.

I cant edit my post, so i changed the formato to .mp3 and now i can upload.

Thank you.

Audacity can’t remove traffic noises. Effect > Noise Removal only works with quiet noises that don’t change. It can’t take out airplanes either. Their noise is always changing. Noise Removal is good for quiet microphone hum or a refrigerator fan. Sometimes computer fan.

There is a plugin effect called Noise Gate.

It’s job is to get rid of sounds lower in loudness than a set value. It’s not going to work for you either because the announcer and the noise are too close together.


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