Noise removal

Windows 7. Program downloaded from Audacity exe file. Version

Having only used noise reduction a few times I’m wondering if I am getting close to the best results possible.
Could you please listen to the attached and let me know your thoughts. Clip 1 is 1 sec. noise only. Clip two is 4 sec.
of the noisy voice recording plus clip 1. Clip 3 is the result of my attempt at noise removal for this same clip. My effect settings
were…Reduction 6, Sens .083, Smooth 0, Decay 0, Base –5, Treble +2. This unhappy recording was at a live event
where the camera operator forgot to plug in the proper shotgun mic. There was considerable ambient noise and this particular
speakers voice lacked clarity that resulted in a muddy sounding recording with a distinct hum. Any help is appreciated.

This is a much appreciated program. If you record trivia I may be the only person to have used it to measure the hertz of a
putt putt boat steam engine while it was running in the water.



I need to leave, but this is my first pass at correction. Most people try to beat the track to a pulp and get science-fiction boiling voices. This was restrained noise removal and a little equalization. If you do either very much more, you’re going to create other problems. As we go.

We seem to have arrived at similar places. Noise Removal doesn’t actually remove noises during speech. That’s what the “Smoothing” control does.

In gentle noise conditions, the voice masks the noise and Noise Removal actually removes noise everywhere else. What most pepole actually want is Noise Removal to “know” what voices are and to regenerate them minus the environment in which they were shot.

Can’t do that. Sorry. So this clip will always have a noisy voice, or alternately, a science fiction voice which is what happens when you try to split noise and voice for real.


Thanks Kozikowski. I agree that there seems to be little difference between your repaired clip and mine. It seemed to me that the voice and the noise shared frequencies hence extreme difficulty in removing one without affecting the other. I appreciate you taking the time. Daryl