noise removal

Hello, i have recorded something with alot of white noise and music in the background, and i wonder if there are someone who could help me fix the recording? im new with audacity, and dont know much about fixing noise removal. i wonder if i can send over the file to someone who could help me fix it, and remove all the white noise/noises so i can hear just the talking on the recording.

Probably not.
If there is a “little” white noise in the background then the Noise Removal effect will probably work quite well: Audacity Manual
If there is more than “a little”, then there’s not much can be done other than record it again without the noise.

OK, thanks for the ansver, its quite alot of noise and music in the bacground, i see in the link you postet that i have done the noise removal wrong:) i will try again

You have two out of four killer problems. We can’t do anything at all about the music, and White Noise or Hiss usually flummoxes the Noise Removal profile step.

Noise Removal works by generating filters according to the sample sound you selected in the profile step. White Noise has sound hidden inside for most if not all musical tones, so Noise Removal tries to take out the whole show.


If the “something” goal is to understand somebody talking, then some of the tools may be able to help — a little. If the goal is a clean theatrical or musical performance, you’re probably going to need a reshoot after you fix the problems.


yes, its to remove the white noise/hiss to understand what people are saying…

If the performance can not be understood just by listening to it cold — even on headphones, then the chances of being able to rescue it are zero. Yes, I understand the CSI TV show regularly does this. Call them. Their sound tools come from a writer on Melrose Ave, not a computer program or manufacturer.

There is a brute force tool called the Telephone Filter. Telephones sound like they do for a reason. The phone company filters out everything not absolutely needed for communication.

Effect > Equalization: Select Curve > Telephone.

That’s the end of it.


I’ve had pretty good luck removing hiss with noise removal. The only setting I change is Noise reduction (db): I set it at 12 or 14. Sometimes I’ve gone up to 18 on really bad hiss. It doesn’t remove all the noise or clicks, but for hiss it works well in my experience.

Just take a sample of about three seconds for the profile. If there’s not at least one or two seconds of just noise for a profile, you can generate a sample of white noise from the Generate menu. Usually .0012 - .0015 amplitude is plenty.