Noise Removal

Good morning,

I am recording narration for a an elearning project using a Blue Snowball microphone. The microphone is picking up the noise from my laptop fan. I record a few seconds of silence before commencing to talk (other than the fan of course) and use this as the noise profile. When I remove the noise the audio left is too soft. When I amplify it, the fan noise returns?

Does this mean the background noise is not as loud as I think it is? Should I just get over it?

Contributions greatly appreciated. Thankyou.

Option C: Stop recording the fan.

I’m not kidding. The grownups go to great effort not to record anything they don’t want. You are experiencing one of the problems of having a microphone cable that won’t go over six feet (2M). Can you slide a chair and a quilt between you and the computer? Fan noise can be partially controlled later in post production, but it’s a pain to get right and you have to do it Every. Time. You. Record. Worst case you can’t get rid of the noise and still have high quality voice at the same time. Failure is a possibility.

Post two sound files. One is a segment of noise only and the other a segment of your noisy performance. Use perfect quality WAV, not MP3.