Noise removal

Hello. I am having a little problem with noise removal option. I have a video, which has a background noise that I successfully removed. Well,when I save the file, I want that this change to apply also to the movie. How do I do that ? When I save the file as a .aup file and open it, I only have the sound.

First, congratulations on getting Noise Removal to work OK. Most people want it to perform miracles or do forensic jobs and it won’t do either one.

While Audacity will open the sound tracks to many movie types with the FFMpeg software installed, Audacity will not produce, or write to, or modify a video file. Once you produce your patched sound track, Export as a WAV, 48000, 16-bit, Stereo (Video Standard) and use your video editor to smash the old video and the new audio track together.