noise removal ??

plz can any one help me for this sound track

i try alot but nothing happen

at the first i chose normalize
and then noise removal (Get Noise profile ) how i will get ? where the noise profile will be to apply ??

any one can help me to fix this track plz

and to know how to chose the correct noise Values ؟؟

I wouldn’t use Normalize. Use Effect > Amplify.

That sounds like something from one of our India offices. It sounds like a performance in a crowd. What are you trying to do to it?

Select a portion of the performance with only the noise. A second or two will do it. Effect > Noise Removal > Get Profile.

Noise Removal will try to remove whatever you put in that profile from the show you select. Select some portion of the performance – or the whole show – and Effect > Noise Removal > OK.

Noise Removal only works on sounds that are constant through the whole show like air conditioning noise or microphone hum. It won’t work on crowd noises, buses starting up, traffic noises, or conversations.


Noise Reduction is zero on the left and maximum on the right. Start with around 12 or 18.

Smoothing helps prevent tinkling and bubbling voices. Tinkly on the left, sloppy reduction on the right. Start with 200.

Attack/Delay gives choppy words if it’s too tight (left) and noise tails on words if it’s too loose (right). Start with 0.15.

The tool in Audacity 1.3 can isolate as well as remove. Use Isolate to show you what the tool is taking out. Remove to show you what’s left. I’ve never been able to make the tool in Audacity 1.2 do anything useful.


thanks alot kozikowski i will try …
what about Amplify i will use it before noise removal of after ??