Noise Removal usage in a Chain


I am using Audacity 1.3.13 beta to process some spoken tracks which were recorded from cassettes.
I’m a new user but I have figured out how to use chains to some extent for Eq which seems pretty straightforward. I note that it is possible to include Noise Removal in a chain but I have a question about that.

When I use Noise Removal manually, I have to take a sample to get the noise profile. When I include it in a chain, I don’t see how I have the opportunity to select a noise sample and the OK button is grayed so it appears that I don’t have the opportunity to change the parameters either.

Even though it’s in the list of commands available for a chain, is Noise Removal pretty much not used in chains?


Chains can’t stop and wait for user input. The chained tools have to be set and forget.

Noise reduction doesn’t work too well that way because the program has to be aware of show content and it can’t actually do that. So the best we can do is assume all the shows in the chain have the same noise – and it’s the last setting you used in Noise Reduction before the chain.

No, it’s not terrifically useful.


Thanks for the reply.
That’s about how it looked to me.

I suppose I could use a chain to eq several files, then go back and do the noise removal manually. The only hitch with that is that I can only save the eq’d files in 16bit format. All the recordings are 32bit and I didn’t really want to drop down until the very last. 16bit might not be to big of a hit on these spoken voice cassettes.

It looks like the only way I can save in the original 32bit format is to manually save as… to save it as an Audacity project…which I can’t do from within a chain.

Sorry to sound like I’m stuck on what I can’t do…I really am working on finding out what I CAN do and how to do it.

In my experiments, I have gotten very good results with the noise removal tool. Having the several adjustments helps.