Noise Removal Tip

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If you are editing a song transferred from vinyl or cassette; and the traditional noise removal doesn’t work; or you hear surface noise, and you wanna remove it, try this.

Transfer your song from viny or cassette or you recording yourself.

Then import to audacity

For Cassettes (some tapes may have the odd pop, so remove them manually or use Click Removal but mainly it has hissing)

Copy a section of silence/hiss/buzzing, the first two secs will do, click get noise profile, ctrl A to copy the whole thing, click get noise profile.

Now you see frequency smoothing; it’s set on 150 by default, ok change it to 1000, Click Preview so it sounds OK, then click Remove

You see the hiss/buzzing/rumbling will be removed.

This is perfect if you are editing a cassette that has hissing,this will be perfect for that.

For Vinyl, this most likely have pops, clicks then surface noise, unless it’s in a excellent condition; where only surface noise is heard.

Follow these steps

Use Click Removal to remove clicks/pops; then play the file to see if there’s any manual, clicks/pops. You do this as the Click Removal only works for big pops/clicks, find these clicks/pops, zoom in where you only hear the pop. You have to zoom a bit, then use the Repair feature to remove the pop/click. Find any remaining click/pops using the repair feature. Once you have that done, and only hissing is heard; follow the cassette section to remove the hiss. Same as before, at the beginning, copy, least two seconds, get noise profile, press ctrl a to copy the whole project, click on get noise profile again, and like before; set the frequency smoothing to 1000. Press preview,and once you’re happy (make sure you heard the file, maing sure no clicks/pops are left, including those tinyest of clicks)

This only works for new versions from the beta to 2.1

I think you answered a question that I had before I could ask it. The question was, is there anything I can do prior to “ripping” the cassette into my computer to minimize any hissing sound? I realize I can push the noise reduction button on my cassette player, but I was hoping Audacity had a tool that could be used in situations like this. I suppose it does make more sense to use the noise removal tool/effect after the cassette has been “ripped.” I’m new to Audacity and I’m still learning some of the basics.

Thanks for your tips. I’m about to try them now.