noise removal question

Hello, on some of the songs I convert from the internet to wave and when I play it back it has a background noise which sounds like a vibration problem or could be from the music being to loud.

I see in the effect column on the tool bar that there is a variety of items listed one being “noise removal”. I have checked in the questions and in the tutorials but cannot seem to find out the procedure for using those items when I click on them nothing occurs.

I could use a little help there, Thanks


It may not be “noise.” Many songs are compressed a lot before they’re posted in order to take up the least room and download rapidly. It can give some odd noises.

This is an extreme example of what MP3 can do if you go too far. This effect is permanent. You can’t clean it up.

Is that the kind of thing you’re getting?


That’s the exact same noise. Thanks Koz

As koz says - that’s permanent damage. There’s no fix for it :frowning:

Thanks again