Noise Removal Nyquist Noise Gate

I’m trying to remove noise from an mp3 recording I made of one person singing. I haven’t had much luck using the complicated filter. There’s supposed to be this Nyquist Noise Gate plugin that does this more or less automatically, but I can’t even figure out where to get the plugin, or how to activate it, if I’ve somehow already got it. I just want to use some automated noise removal or reduction, some preset values or parameters. I’m not a sound engineer.

I’m using Windows7 Audacity 2.0.2 installed from

The best place to obtain Audacity is from the Audacity web site as this always provides the current version

The Nyquist Noise Gate effect is available here:
Installation instructions:

Note that a noise gate does not reduce noise while sounds are playing, it simply reduces the noise level between sounds.
See the help file in the “download” ZIP package for details about how to use the Noise Gate.

For details about using the Noise Removal effect, see here:
For additional help with reducing noise, see this article on the wiki: