noise removal help

we need “remove noise” process in recorded audio files.
this process must be automaticly .regularly.
software will check folder …if there is audio files .will process for noise removal and move files other folder.

how is arrange this process in audacity ?

we need to developer help on this …we can talk details with skype or send e-mail …

Audacity is free software, supported by volunteers. We do not have the resources to provide personal e-mail, skype or telephone support, but we are happy to help as far as we can via this forum. The is a public forum, so other Audacity users are welcome to contribute to conversations here.

Audacity is probably not the best program for this. The Noise Removal effect in Audacity is a 2 step process - first you need to capture a “profile” of the noise, then apply that noise profile to the entire track. See here for more information:

Also, Audacity does not act directly on audio files. In order to provide complex editing, processing and mixing, Audacity works in its own “project” format. Audio files can be imported into an Audacity project, and the audio from a project can be exported to a file, but an Audacity Project is not an audio file. (details here:

Probably a better option would be to use a command line program such as SoX
With SoX it would just be a simple matter of writing a batch processing script (in whatever computer language you prefer) and piping the appropriate commands to SoX to perform noise removal on your files.

hi steve

thanks for prompt answer…
can help any person on sox this forum ?



SoX is thoroughly documented - see their web site.

You are unlikely to find a programmer that is willing to work for you for free. If you need someone to do the programming then you will need to either find a programmer that is interested in the same area and collaborate with them, or pay someone to do it.


we will pay .not free request…
but not know person for work.