Noise removal from audio recording

I just downloaded Audacity 2.0 this morning and my operating system is Windows 7. I made a voice memo on my IPhone which, for some reason, recorded as a .mov. I am able to play it back through Quick Time Player and listen to it, but the memo has a lot of background noise. I would like to remove the background noise (cars driving by the open window of a car) so that I can better hear the conversation. I am a real newbie and have read the instructions, but cannot even get the recording to be imported into Audacity. I have it in ITunes now and it is most clear while being played there. Can I download it into Audacity from ITunes? I have no idea how to do this. Any help you can provide will be most appreciated. I pretty much need step by step instructions. Thanks.

Install FFmpeg according to the instructions here:
With FFmpeg installed you will hopefully be able to import the .mov file.

Note that the Noise Removal effect is designed to reduce low level constant noise (such as tape hiss or low level hum). It will probably not be very effective for reducing loud and irregular traffic noise. Probably the most effective processing will be to use the “High-Pass Filter” to reduce the level of low frequency sounds (below about 300 Hz).