noise removal doesn't remove noise!!!

I am having an issue with the noise removal effect!!! it won’t remove noise no matter what the sliders are on!!! even the default settings DO NOT work!!! it just removes just a little bit of noise but most of the noise is still there!!!

I see how it is here!!! let’s all play “ignore justinrpg!!!”

If you need technical support with the hour I suggest that you purchase a product that includes telephone support. The people that help out here on the this forum are all volunteers that choose to spend some of their spare time helping other Audacity users.

What sort of noise are you trying to remove?
Perhaps you could post a short sample then someone may be able to suggest how to approach the problem.
See here for how to post audio samples to the forum:

Noise removal has some pretty prickly ideas of what noise is. It’s not just “anything I don’t like.” “Noise” has to be constant during the whole show and somewhere during the show, there has to be a short time where the show stops but the noise doesn’t. That’s the segment you use as the Profile.

Sample (Profile) the noise by itself and then Noise Removal will try to remove that exact noise from the rest of the show or whatever portion you select. It can be effective on air conditioning whine or microphone hum and buzz, but if the noise is changing – like recording on a moving bus (one actual poster) or trying to get rid of the TV in the background, it’s going to fail. The noise isn’t constant.

Another thing that’s going to fail is noise during talking or singing. Noise Removal doesn’t try to remove noise during actual musical notes. You can force it to do that, but that usually leads to martian voices or talking in a tunnel.

If the noise is bad enough, you may have no show.