noise removal assistance?

Hi gang,

I have an MP3 file of voice, 30 seconds long. Nothing fancy or musical. Any gurus of noise reduction willing to help me get rid of the background noise in it? The background noise is easy to isolate but I have no plans to become an audio engineer (yet) and just want to see how possible it is to get rid of the background white noise. I used compression without issue and the noise feature is a guessing game of trial and error for me at the moment.

PM me and I could email you the file, maybe a quick skype session or even just via email.

If I can figure out how to get rid of the noise as a proof of concept I will get back to writing SW to do it automagically.


Use of the Noise Removal effect is described here:
A more comprehensive guide is available in the wiki:

thx! I will brain up on those this eve and let you know how it works out.

just want to see how possible it is to get rid of the background white noise.

I think I can save you a bit of trouble. You can’t. Noise Removal works by “memorizing” a sample of noise only (the profile step) and then carefully generates filters and processes to subtract it from the show. In the case of real, rain-in-the-trees white noise, the filters try to filter out everything. White noise is very rough to deal with.

The modern noise removal systems try to recognize when voices or music are present and stop reducing then. That’s the best you can do. That gives you hissy voices over velvety quiet backgrounds.

You can force the system to noise reduce from everything, and that gives you martian, outer space voices and gargley music.

Noise Removal tends to be a custom process wedded to the show. Very difficult to automate. If for no other good reason, you have to tell it where the noise is. It has no way to know that.


If it’s true “white noise”, which has the same intensity at all frequencies , aka “broadband noise”, let us know if you manage to remove it.

You may be interested in this discussion about “noise coring”:
The version developed there was possibly only slightly more effective that the Audacity Noise Removal effect on certain types of noise (for example “pink” noise), but I think it was showing some promise.

Another possible approach is “spectral subtraction” (available in Reaper).