noise reduction

I am looking for someone to help with reducing noise from a TV in order to hear the person speaking in a recording.
I am extremely inexperienced and will pay someone to do it for me. Its about an hour in length.
Thank you!

You should decide what you are going to do if nobody posts back.

Audacity has no tools to split apart a mixed show into individual voices, music, or sounds.

You hit one of the reliable ways to destroy a show (#4).

Screen Shot 2021-11-25 at 9.53.13 AM.png
The Audacity forum actively covers nine time zones and usually has snappy response, but maybe not this time. We can wait for someone to post.



Koz is right, do you have a backup plan in case no one steps forward?
It may be a good opportunity for you to sharpen your skills.

Why not post a short unprocessed sample (mono wav format ) here and wait for suggestions.

Why not post a short unprocessed sample

What he said. Do Not post sound that you have already tried to patch. We can’t take filters, effects, or corrections out of a sample.


I dont know how to attach a clip of the recording. But it sounds like Audacity does not have to capability anyway. Any suggestions on who I might contact that can help me?
Thank you.

See here:

If you’re not sure how to make a short WAV clip, see:

From your description it sounds quite likely that what you want is impossible with any software, but if we can hear a short example we may be able to find a way to improve the audio, even if we can’t accomplish the task totally.

That would be great. Can you walk me thru how to attach the recording?

If you already have a ten second or less sound file with a sample of both voice and background sound, scroll down in a forum text window > Attachments > Add Files. Point to the sound file > Open.

What’s the goal? Did the TV interfere with your podcast recording? Is this an interview you have to rescue? Did you catch someone doing something naughty?

There’s an enormous difference between changing a recording so you can make out the words and making an interview broadcast ready.

There’s even desperation methods. Find an actor with a similar voice and have them announce the same words in your quiet studio.


It is a recording of someone talking on the phone. (boyfriend cheating) So I will ressort to desperate measures.
I will try to follow your instructions on attaching a clip. Thank you!

Well, I cannot figure out how to take sample let alone attach.

You’re holding the cellphone and the guest is at the far end, right? That could explain where the voice went. It’s super hard to record the far-end voice on a plain cellphone call without either special recording microphones, two phones, or going through a chat service and get them to record it.

So this isn’t so much splitting TV sound off from the voice as get the voice to come back at all.

We publish a tutorial to select a portion of a sound performance and publish it for inspection on the forum.

Post back if you get lost.

Fair warning if you can’t understand the voice now, that’s the end of the world. Almost all “Help Me Clean Up” jobs fail.


It is a recording device that I used. The person turned on the tv and went into a different room. Also it is mp3. Im not tech savy enough to figure this out. I appreciate all your help

Also it is mp3.

MP3 creates some sound distortion while it’s working. That’s not welcome news when you already have a difficult job.

So if that’s what you got, you can post that.

It is a recording device that I used.

On your phone, or in the far side environment?

I think you’re sliding further and further away from us helping you. Audacity can’t be used for surveillance, law enforcement, or conflict resolution.

You may be able to hire someone to help with this instead of trying to do it over multiple time zones through the help forum.