Noise Reduction


I have been using Audacity reduction noise to get rid of room noises in my recordings, but still remaining some metallic sounds that were not there in the beginning.

Can anyone help and give directions to have a clear sound?



If the metallic noises are artifacts created by noise-reduction, then use less noise reduction.
Distortion caused by noise-reduction is irreversible: you’ll need to go back to a copy of the original raw recording.

Can anyone help and give directions to have a clear sound?

The metalic/bubbly/wine-glass sound is caused by excessive noise reduction. Fix the room or the recording technique.

How are you recording now and what are you recording? Do you have control of the room enough to put soundproofing in?

You can throw money. The news gathering people use shotgun microphones to restrict environment sound.

I have another one of these I haven’t posted yet of a podcast operator that records outside successfully.

I have a sound studio in my garage. In pieces. I assemble it wherever it’s needed.

There are portable sound caves that have been successful.

I’m working on designing one of these with hardware store plumbing parts.

Can you restrict the room noises? There are people who turn off air conditioners and refrigerators to record.


As Trebor above, you can’t take noise reduction distortion out. It is recommended that you Export and save all your original, raw recordings in perfect quality WAV sound files. Then edit and do post production.


You can try Noise Gate.

You use it on the perfect quality WAV file you exported right after the original recording. Some people get this to work, but it’s not simple and success depends on how bad the noise is.

It’s far better to not have the noise in the first place.


I found it.

You probably don’t have to deal with 25 knot winds in the park (that’s what the fuzzy covering does), but they also use it to suppress other people, dogs, traffic, etc.