noise reduction

If I want to record a mix, I can hear all the background noises from in the room…

I only want to record my adio mix through te cable?

Anyone an idea how I can switch off that everything is recorded?

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You need to select the appropriate recording input in the device toolbar.

I had al these stuff MME - MICROPHONE (REAL HIGH TEK) - 2 channels - stereo - but it still sounds real shitty and when I talk (not only through a designed mic but Always) I can hear myself on the recording… I attached the recoring so you can hear …

Tell us precisely what you are trying to do and what equipment you are using.


I am trying to record my mix on cd - I am using two turntables / CD / microphone…

In the rodec mengpannel there’s a red and white cable, which i connect with my headphones input on my portable…

My portable is a HP with beats audio on.

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So you have two analog turntables and a microphone plugged into a Rodec mixer?
What is the model number of the Rodec?

What model number?

If I understand you correctly, it sounds like you are trying to come out of your mixer headphone jack and into your HP via two RCA plugs with a 1/8th stereo plug. Your audio sample sounds like you feed your audio from your mixer into your “mic in” jack on your HP and then into Audacity. You can not do this. You will need something that is USB compliant. Both your headphone jack and mic in jack are powered and your audio sounds extremely distorted. A “line in” is about 1,000 times stronger the a “mic in”. Am I close?

yes into a rodec mixer, but i do not have a line in on my portable - only a headphone jack, maybe that’s the problem. HP pavillion - i am using on my rodec the aux auto, that should be fine… bit I don’t see a line in on my portable only a headphone in…

Yes that’s unlikely to give good results. When connecting up equipment it is important that the signal levels match.
An inexpensive way to add line level inputs to a laptop computer (provided that it has a free, full-size USB socket available) is with a Behringer UCA-202 (I use one of these), or UCA-222 (the pink version). Other makes and models of USB audio devices are available, but these are a couple of inexpensive ones that many forum users report good results with.

thanks, I am gonna buy one of these then.

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