Noise reduction

Hey, hope someone may be able to help.

I used a small digital voice recorder to record a meeting I had with a client, and I have found it to be almost impossible to make out with all the background noise and eventually live music. I want to try and isolate the voices, or at least greatly reduce the background noise. Can anyone offer advice? First time using audacity so I dont know if its possible, but it would be great if I could at least enhance our conversation. Thanks!

Probably not.
The Noise Reduction effect is designed to hand “low level constant noise” (such as quiet background hiss), so that will be no use.
You could try the “telephone” setting in the Equalization effect ( That may help a bit, but beyond that it’s probably a lost cause.

Thank you, I had not tried that one. Through noise reduction, I’ve actually gotten close to just getting our choice, but it finished our voices making them hard to hear. Is there a way to use the diminished voice range to pull my voice out of the original copy? The voices are just too hard to hear in the original, but the voices I pulled are hard to hear now because they were reduced somewhat too. Is there a way I can use what I’ve pulled to pull the voices out of the original? Thanks!